Roles of Wealth Managers in Business

An accomplished wealth management executive with expertise in financial planning, including tax planning, retirement planning, and investment planning, Cubby Bice holds a PhD in finance. Since 2004, Cubby Bice has served as the president of Bice Wealth Management, where he provides clients with personalized wealth management services.

Wealth managers can play vital roles in the successful operation of their clients’ companies. Many wealth managers offer services that extend beyond the executives to all workers in the company. For example, a wealth management company may help a client develop retirement plans for employees.

Wealth managers often recommend profitable investments for 401(k) participants. Wealth managers may also offer retirement education to 401(k) participants to optimize financial outcomes. Retirement plans promote employee loyalty.

Wealth managers can also protect clients’ companies by promoting measures against unexpected challenges, such as executive disability, death, or loss of key employees. Measures such as contracts that name the successor can help keep business running.

Investments in securities involve risk, including the potential loss of principal invested. We do not expressly or implicitly adopt or endorse any of the expressions, opinions or content posted by fans or any third-parties on this site.



Bice Wealth Management President Cubby Bice

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